Rejuvalase is proud to partner with the following local businesses and charities

Avon’s Walk for Breast Cancer-With so many survivors and supporters as clients, Rejuvalase is proud to donate money to this amazing charity. Remember to schedule annual check-ups and mammograms starting at age 40 (earlier if your doctor sees it necessary) and perform monthly self-breast checks.

American Heart Association

Fairy Godmother
International Justice Missions

Lions Club Rejuvalase and its employees donate annually to our local Lions Club which is an international organization dedicated to humanitarian efforts. This year we were able to send 6 area children with disabilities to local theatre events.

Saint Jude

Salvation Army Rejuvalase employees donate hundreds of dollars annually in clothing and toys to the Salvation Army. In 2010, over 300 gallons of clothing and toys were donated by our company.

Slye Strong #6 Foundation

Stafford County Public Schools Rejuvalase MedSpa is an annual participant in Adopt-a-Classroom, which allows residents and local businesses to donate money to a classroom of their choice. These donations go toward supplies and equipment for teachers and students.

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