Vitamin Injections

Push your mental and physical limits and give your body a boost. Our intramuscular vitamin injections take seconds to administer, have a 100% absorption rate, and offer lasting effects. Give your immune system a boost without the negative comedown effects of energy drinks. No matter what your wellness goals, our vitamin injections will help you on your journey to better wellbeing.

 Weekly vitamin shots are an effective way to increase your energy, strengthen your immune system, and promote weight loss. Book your vitamin injection today and feel rejuvenated!

Vitamin B12
Pure Energy

Give your body a pure natural energy boost

Weight Loss

Boost your metabolism & achieve weight loss goals

Vitamin C

Stay healthy and protect against colds and stress


Helps boost wellness and fight effects of aging

Booster Shots FAQ

How long does a Booster Shot take?

Our Booster Shots typically take a few seconds to administer.

How quickly will I feel the effects of a Booster Shot?

Effects depend on the individual’s physical and health status. Typically the effects become fully noticeable after 12 -24 hours.

How long do the beneficial effects of a Booster Shot last?

The duration of effects will depend on the individual but typically last on average of 5-8 days.

How often do people get Booster Shots?

Everyone has different needs and goals and this will depend on the desired effect. Our clients receive Booster Shots on average of once to twice a week.

Can I get more than one of your Booster Shots at the same time?

Yes, our Booster Shots only contain natural ingredients and water soluble vitamins. The effects of the different shots can be synergistic and any excess will be excreted naturally by the body.

Can I get an IV Therapy and a Booster Shot at the same time?

Yes, and this is the ideal recommendation. IV nutrients and hydration are very effective at rapidly replenishing any deficiencies and helping the body establish balance. The Booster Shots then act as a reservoir for continuous release of nutrients, essentially prolonging the effects.

Booster Shots