Adele weight loss: Why shedding the pounds made the singer look so different

Adele weight loss: Why shedding the pounds made the singer look so different

Hitting those goals! Adele has undergone a significant weight loss transformation, and she’s not shy about sharing her story about how she’s shed over 100 pounds!

Have you ever noticed that those who are thinner and over the age of 40, typically look older than their heavier peers?

In our lifelong battle to maintain quality of life and health, sometimes our efforts to reshape our bodies lead us to reshape our faces. Losing weight is good for your heart, but it can affect the physical appearance around the periorbital area (around the eyes), where the eyes become prominent.

As we get older, we naturally lose fat and volume in the face. Think of those adorable cherub-faced babies that grow up to develop Adonis-like cheeks bones and jawlines; this is the result of hormonal and lifestyle changes as well as natural changes that occur with age.

However, when rapid and large amounts of weight loss occur, hollowing of the face and loose skin, typically follow as it happens much quicker than the volume loss that occurs naturally over time.

Adele recently lost 100 pounds, and while her body and overall health have transformed, her face lost volume as well, which dramatically changed her appearance. Her skin texture should bounce back, and her face could become more youthful as her diet stabilizes if she focuses on diet and skincare.

Would we suggest she return to her previous weight (most likely a weight that was unhealthy physically and mentally), of course not?! However, to regain the youthful appearance she had before, we’d recommend a combination of fillers and treatments so that she can continue to feel and look her best.

We would recommend dermal fillers to those clients to replace the volume. We’d put it in the cheek and under-eye areas, to fill the deflated fat pads to create a lifted smoother effect, this raises the jowls and nasal labial folds.

There’s a period of restoration after weight loss – clients can improve the skin with diet, facials, and skin-tightening procedures such as ultrasound therapy are great solutions for the face and neck.

A healthy body and mind are always the most important aspects of living your best life, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your face. Today’s treatments can help.

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