Viora V-Form


Viora V-Form skin tightening and body contouring offers a highly effective treatment for individuals concerned about loose skin on the neck, face, and body. 

The Viora radio frequency system utilizes FDA-approved CORE™ (channeling optimized RF energy) technology, which offers three different radiofrequency channels.

These radio frequencies simultaneously deliver heat to all layers of the skin at once, achieving incredible results. The system also uses vacuum therapy, enhancing RF energy's penetration in the treatment area. This increases local blood circulation, triggers lymphatic drainage, and reduces fat cells!

    Treatment Benefits?

    • Tightened, smoother skin
    • Improved cellulite
    • Great for any skin color
    • Works on the entire face; not just one area
    • Improved confidence
    • Safe and non-invasive
    • No downtime
    • Quick and convenient treatments
    • Improvement after only one session

    How many sessions are needed?

    Each treatment course depends upon the body part and specific treatment being done. Recommended number of sessions ranges between 3-8 sessions.

    How long does a treatment session last??

    Depending upon the body part and specific treatment being done, the sessions can be between 15 – 40 minutes.

    Do I need to apply any topical anesthesia to prevent pain?

    Thanks to Viora’s Proprietary CORE™ Technology, the treatment is pain-free and no topical anesthesia is required.

    What does the treatment feel like?

    While you may feel a pleasant heat and vacuum suction massage feeling, the treatment is non-invasive, virtually painless, and requires no downtime. You’ll enjoy a comfortable and quiet treatment.

    What areas can be treated?

    Viora treatment menu allows you to be treated over the entire body, including face (jowls, cheeks, brows, forehead, nasolabial area), neck, décolleté, and body including post weight lost sagging skin.

    Complimentary Body Contouring Consultation

    Find out if Viora V-20 body contouring is right for you with a free body contouring consultation in Stafford. Call 540-720-8881 or book a complimentary body contouring consultation appointment online with our med spa team today.

    Before Treatment

    • Ensure that there is at least an hour between your last meal and your abdomen treatment.
    • Drink about 1.5 liters of water before each treatment session
    • Stay hydrated (drinking at least 1 liter of water daily) during your entire course of treatment.
    • If you exercise regularly, treatments should be performed before the physical activity.

    After Treatment

    • If you experience excessive heat sensation that causes a lot of discomfort, you can cool the area with chilled Aloe Vera gel.
    • Makeup can be applied immediately post treatment.
    • Do not have hot baths, excessive aerobic exercise, rough sports, massage, etc. during the next 24 hours, until the skin returns to its normal condition.
    • Practice high hygienic measures of the treated area during the next 24 hours.
    • Adherence to a healthy lifestyle (diet and exercise) is strongly recommended and may help to obtain better results.
    • Weight gain or dramatic weight loss may have a negative effect on the results.

    Setting Expectations

    • Maintenance sessions may be required (one maintenance session every 3-6 months).
    • Response to the treatment and the number of treatment sessions required, will vary among patients and will depend on the clinical and physiological condition at the start of the treatment regimen.
    • Cardiac pacemaker, defibrillator, or another implanted electrical device.
    • History of hip replacement, hip or femur surgery, metal, or metallic implants (such as gold threads) in the treatment filed.
    • History of cancer, active/recent malignancy or premalignant moles (especially malignant melanoma or recurrent non-melanoma skin cancer, or pre-cancerous lesions such as multiple dysplastic nevi).
    • Any skin disease in the treatment area.
    • Any history of disease in the treatment area which may be stimulated by heat, such as Herpes.
    • Sunburns in the treatment area.
    • Treatment over tattoo or permanent makeup in the treated area
    • Pregnancy (including IVF).
    • Blood coagulopathy or excessive bleeding or bruising.
    • Use of blood thinning medications, whether prescription or over-the-counter medication.
    • History of deep vein thrombosis.
    • Patients prone to Keloid scars or impaired wound healing.
    • Use of drugs that influence the immune system and impaired immune system (such as HIV).
    • Hepatitis or liver disease.
    • Uncontrolled thyroid disease, any endocrine disorder, such as diabetes.
    • Childbirth in the past 6 months or breastfeeding in the past 3 months.
    • Patients who have undergone synthetic filler procedures (i.e. silicon and Artecoll) in the designated treatment area.
    • Use of Accutane (lsotretinoin) within the past 6 months and fragile, sensitive and dry skin.

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