We now offer both Curbside Pickup and online shopping so that you can get your favorite skincare products! Continue taking care of your skin at home while also directly supporting us during this challenging time.

The process for Curbside Pickup is easy!

  1. Shop our online store, Text Us 1-540-390-1643 or email us at admin@rejuvalase.com with your product needs.
  2. Come by this Saturday between 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm for pickup. (additional dates coming)
  3. Call us when you get to the curb, and we will run it out for you.

You can best support us during these unprecedented times by shopping our online store and using Curbside Pickup, but if you prefer your product(s) to be shipped to your doorstep, simply visit our online store & shop our Avene & Glytone products.


Select items may only be available via Curbside Pickup.

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Shop Skin Care Products Online

Curbside Pick Up Only

Ships To Your Door

Ships To Your Door

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