Ulta Therapy

Our spa features the innovative Ulta Therapy device, which uses ultrasonic energy to firm and tightens skin.

Ultrasound therapy – commercially known as “Ultherapy” – improves the appearance of moderately loose or sagging skin by depositing focused ultrasound energy below the surface to stimulate the body’s creation of new collagen, the natural protein that gives skin its youthful firmness and elasticity. Skin begins to lift and tone over time.  If you are ready to turn back the clock on those early signs of aging, Ulta Therapy may be a good choice for you.

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Ulta Therapy – ultrasound skin tightening treatment involves a 2-phase process.

1st phase: includes the instant contraction of protein fibers in the skin which causes an instant skin tightening. During the procedure, which can last up to 30 to 90 minutes depending on the treated areas, clients can experience sensations of varying discomfort levels while the ultrasound energy is being delivered. The sensations are noticeable only while the energy is being delivered.

2nd phase: is via collagen stimulation which occurs up to 3 – 6 months post-treatment. As new collagen forms, the skin is more plump, tighter and wrinkles are reduced. This treatment works on the deepest layer of the skin to help strengthen, tighten but more importantly lift and contour the skin and profile.

Skin toning and tightening can be performed on the lower face, neck, décolletage, arms, buttocks and abdominal area.  The number of treatments you need depends on your genetic heritage, skin background, your skin’s current elasticity, and other factors.


Who Is Suitable For Ulta-Therapy?

While Ulta-Therapy does not replace a surgical facelift, it is a great option for people who are not willing to undergo surgery or do not want any injections to their faces for skin lifting. Ulta-Therapy will benefit men or women with mild to moderate skin laxity. It is a fantastic age-proofing treatment – when the treatment is started once early signs of aging occur, it slows down the skin aging and sagging process, so that we maintain our lifted, youthful contours for as long as possible.  Examples of areas that will benefit from include the eyebrows, loose skin on the neck, double chin, and lines and wrinkles on the chest. This treatment works especially well for the double chin, lower face, and jowls.

During your consult, your therapist will assess your skin and recommend the areas that are suitable for treatment using Ulta-Therapy.

How Many Treatments of Ulta-Therapy are Recommended?

We recommend 2 treatments of skin tightening, to begin with, the number of follow up treatments depends on the client and their laxity rating.  You will start to notice results immediately after your first treatment, maintenance treatment is required every 12 to 18 months.

What Results Can I Expect From This Treatment?

Ulta-Therapy has been able to deliver some very impressive results for patients.  Results can be seen immediately after treatment but most results start approximately 2 to 8 weeks after treatment, with most patients seeing full results 12 weeks post-treatment. Ulta-Therapy results are progressive and continue to improve further over 6 months.

Can I Combine Ulta-Therapy with Other Treatments?

Yes, in fact, Ulta-Therapy works very well with other non-invasive cosmetic treatments such as i-Lipo for body contouring and cosmetic injections as an overall face management solution.  It is best for targeting loose skin around the neck, arms, and abdomen area. At Rejuvalase each treatment can be combined to enable you to target your specific needs and devise a specific and individual treatment plan for you ensuring maximum results.

How Is Ulta-Therapy Different From Other Skin Tightening Procedures?

Because Ulta-Therapy targets deep skin layers, it is unlike lasers and radio frequency which usually focuses on superficial layers of the skin in order to treat wrinkles, fine lines or uneven pigmentation. Because these two different target different skin layers, they can be used in conjunction with one another for the ultimate treatment in anti-aging skincare.

How Is Ulta-Therapy Different From Other Laser Procedures?

Ulta-Therapy reaches much deeper into the skin than lasers. Amongst the non-invasive skin treatments, the MMFU reaches the deepest – up to 4.5mm. It also reaches deeper than other skin tightening modalities such as Thermage, which uses radiofrequency waves. Unlike resurfacing lasers such as carbon dioxide laser resurfacing, MMFU does not break the skin surface – hence, there is no redness and no downtime. There is also minimal risk of pigmentary complications.

What Will I Experience During Treatment?

The HIFU delivery hand-piece will be placed on the skin and held there for approximately two minutes, this will be repeated 3 times per treatment area. During treatment, you may feel the warmth of the hand-piece, and in some cases, it may be slightly hot and uncomfortable.  You may also feel a slight vibration and tingling sensation.

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