PDO Thread Lift

A PDO thread lift is designed to subtly lift the facial features to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while encouraging collagen production for more volume in the treated areas. PDO threads come in a variety of textures for customized treatments.

 Every Thread Lift is tailored to the unique client. Why it’s special: MINT PDO can reposition underlying tissues and smooth and soften the facial skin. It produces immediate and longer-lasting results than treatments with dermal fillers and BOTOX®. As another anti-aging option for a tailored and customized facial rejuvenation, MINT PDO procedures fill the gap between surgery and injectables.

Benefits of PDO Thread Lift:

  • A PDO Thread Lift will lift a drooping or oval facial appearance into a more flattering, smooth V-shape.
  • Results will last up to three years. After this point, patients can extend their results with a subsequent PDO Thread Lift.
  • Every Thread Lift is tailored to the unique client.
  • Restore your youthful appearance with a personalized PDO Thread Lift.


What is it?
A PDO Thread Lift is performed with biodegradable threads and a hypodermic needle. During a PDO Thread Lift, polydioxanone threads are delicately placed beneath the dermis to secure and lift sagging skin, promote collagen production, and achieve a tighter contour in the treated area.

The thread lift is a convenient, effective rejuvenation option for patients who do not yet wish to or need to receive a more invasive skin tightening procedure, like a facelift. Similar to a facelift, a PDO Thread Lift restores the skin to a tighter, more youthful position. Unlike a facelift, the Thread Lift procedure is quick, minimally-invasive, and requires almost no recovery time for the client!

A Thread Lift at Skin Perfect is a highly customizable procedure that can be used to tighten the skin on the neck or chin, tighten the jawline, reduce nasolabial folds and marionette lines, lift the brow, lift the cheeks, or reduce under-eye wrinkles. In order to achieve your preferred results, you may receive a combination of PDO Threads, or only a few PDO Threads may be required.

The biodegradable threads used to perform your thread lift are made with Polydioxanone, a material used safely in orthopedics, cardiovascular surgery, tissue engineering, and plastic surgery for years. Polydioxanone will be broken down naturally by the body and expelled through the urine or exhaled in the form of carbon dioxide. Your PDO threads will be reabsorbed by the body within six months of your treatment.

When the PDO threads are introduced, the body will begin to repair itself around the thread. The placement of the thread will stimulate the production of collagen within the skin. Thanks to the added collagen and new healing process, your skin will form in the new position created by the threads. Improvements will be visible within two weeks. Within four to six months, the body will have broken down the PDO threads.

Who can have it?
The best candidates for a thread facelift are in their 30s to 60s who have relatively good skin tone. Most are beginning to experience sagging in their face or neck, but do not have excessively loose skin or drooping facial areas that might require more rigorous facelift surgery. If signs of aging are relatively minimal, a thread lift may be a good way to make cosmetic enhancements while avoiding facelift scarring and other potential side effects, which sometimes occur after more intensive surgical procedures.

Are there any contraindications?
Contradictions to thread facelifts include multiple skin allergic reactions or infections, dandruff, hair lice, immunologically compromising diseases like cancer/ HIV, etc., systemic diseases like diabetes and tuberculosis, etc.

What is the pain level? (1-10)
5; Generally, thread facelifts are not painful; however, this is a highly variable answer because some patients are more sensitive than others. Patients who are anxious can receive oral sedation. Local anesthetics are required and can be painful during the infiltration process. Over time, threads can migrate and the barbs can irritate nerves thereby making them painful at a much later date.

How long does the treatment take?
A PDO Thread Lift can be performed in under thirty minutes and requires almost no downtime, making it an ideal rejuvenating procedure. With only a few artful injections, a PDO Thread Lift can lift your neck, jawline, lower face, cheeks, brows, or under-eyes into a youthful, flattering position.

How long do the results last?
The majority of people will notice minor immediate results directly after receiving a thread lift. As the face heals, new collagen forms in the treated areas creating a more obvious difference. While the results are more long term than some of the other facial rejuvenation options, such as surgical facelifts, the results are temporary and it is necessary to receive maintenance treatments every 6-12 months, depending on your specific age-reversal needs.

Texturized threads will achieve results more instantaneously than the smoother threads; however, it is important to remember that each thread type aims at producing collagen over a longer period, which is the overall goal of a thread lift procedure.

What should I be concerned about?
Comments from patients about this procedure run the gamut, including: “it didn’t work,” “it didn’t work long enough,” facial distortion, extruding hooks, chronic pain, palpable lumps, and more.

What else do I need to know?
The treatment involves placing a barbed suture under the skin and using it to pull up and back the face or neck. Eventually, the sutures may break, get infected or cause distortion and can be difficult to fix.


Pre Care 

Although it is always best to meet with your Rejuvalase Provider to determine the best plan of action for your specific skin type, professionals agree that thread lift candidates should avoid all alcohol and discontinue smoking for at least a week before the procedure as these things will dehydrate the skin and interfere with the anesthetic. All aspirin-based products should be avoided as well as cause unnecessary bleeding leading to unwanted complications and side effects. Blood-thinning products include Ibuprofen, Neurofen, and Naproxen/Naprogesic.

Please speak with your care provider about our service and product pairing; curated for your specific skin care needs.

After Care Treatment

After Your PDO Thread Placement: To achieve the best possible result from your treatment, follow these instructions carefully. If you have any questions or problems that are not addressed here, call our office, and we’ll be happy to help.

Normal response:

    1. Bruising, and swelling normal can use over counter arnica topical.
    2. Post-procedure discomfort medication to use: Tylenol – helpful for post-procedure for 7 to 10 days
    3. Most discomfort occurs in the first 24 to 48 hours. Place ice on very gently just in case of bruising.
    4. Stinging, “pulling”, the itchy sensation will decrease at about 3 to 5 weeks.

What you need to Avoid:

  1. Avoid heavy exercises for 1 week, this causes extreme facial movements.
  2. Do not touch or wash your face for 30 minutes.
  3. Do not pull down on the face for 4 weeks.
  4. Eat soft foods, no large bites for 7 days.
  5. Sleep on the back for 3-4 days.
  6. Do not chew gum for 2 weeks.
  7. No facial massages for 4 weeks.
  8. Limiting facial movements will help to lift threads to stay in place, so no dental work unless strictly necessary • Avoid heat in treatment area like saunas, IPL lasers, or radio-frequency treatment for 30 days.
  9. Avoid medication that affects the blood clotting effects like fish oils, vitamin C, A & E for 7 days.

If you experience increased redness, swelling, pain at injection, or thread coming out in the area, please notify your provider.

Do you have more questions? 

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PDO Thread Lift