Vaginal and Perianal “Bleaching” Ligntening (non-laser)


Our anal or vaginal “bleaching” service lightens the pigment around the these areas to provide a clean and attractive appearance. Many individuals have a natural discoloration surrounding the exterior of the the vaginal and perianal areas and are bothered by it. This treatment is different from our Vaginal and Perianal Rejuvenation in that is doesn’t include the use of laser and is solely designed to treat discoloration. Our South Beach products feature gentle lightening agents that won’t irritate and have dangerous side effects making this treatment and option that’s safe for all 6 skin types.

 Our accelerated South Beach system is designed for use in the vaginal, perianal, genital, and/or underarm areas. Lightening of 2-4 shades is typical after only one treatment! Results will continue to lighten with repeat visits or kit purchase.

 Our estheticians make you feel comfortable and confident with our “bleaching” services. As professional waxing and skin bleaching go hand in hand, our staff takes the time to plan out a waxing and bleaching regime that is personally suited to your needs. After we apply the product you can expect to see the area 2-4 shades lighter immediately. Keep in mind 2-4 shades lighter isn’t always dramatic. For best results, you will have to continue to use our take home products and/or purchase and package

 *Clients must be recently wax or have undergone laser hair removal in the treatment area(s).

Cosmetic Bleaching
Vaginal Bleaching- Single $65; Package of 3: $180
Anal Bleaching-Single $65;  Package of 3: $180
Vaginal and Anal Bleaching-Single $115; Package of 3: $325

Package purchases qualify clients for 20% off all taken home bleaching/lightening products.