Take Your Glow Further

Are you looking for a non-surgical solution to plump up your skin, enhance its vibrancy, and smooth wrinkles and fine lines? In that case, a DiamondGlow Dermalinfusion treatment may be right for you.

Rejuvalase offers this innovative exfoliation treatment. Our trained medical providers can deep-clean your skin and boost its efficiency to absorb customized conditioning serums.

What exactly is DiamondGlow™ Facial

DiamondGlow™ is not just a regular facial; it does much more than that! It is a medical-grade skin care treatment that uses advanced 3-in-1 technology to combine exfoliation, extraction, and infusion in one sweep.

Its secret is in the specially-designed wand, which combines the suction/serum power of a Hydrafacial with a microdermabrasion treatment. Although a series of 3 treatments is recommended for maximum results, you'll be left with a noticeably brighter, smoother, and healthier complexion after just one treatment. 

Diamond Glow Process

Let's break down how it works: 

1. Exfoliation 

The diamond-tipped wand gently removes dead and damaged skin cells from the surface of your face and neck. (This treatment can be done on different areas of the body.) This leads the way for new and healthy skin cells. The levels of diamond grit can be customized to suit all skin textures and sensitivities. 

2. Extraction

The wand utilizes powerful suction to extract the dirt and debris deep in your pores and on the surface, leaving your skin feeling clean and fresh. 

3. Serum Infusing

This is our favorite element of the DiamondGlow™ procedure! As your skin is being exfoliated and cleared, it is infused with professional-grade serums in the same sweep. Doing this provides you with the BEST results because your pores are at their most receptive state during extraction. 

The serums for this treatment are customizable to suit the unique needs of each individual. All our serums are paraben-free, sulfate-free, and fragrance-free.  

Results of DiamondGlow™ Facial

DiamondGlow™ facial treatment delivered quick and visible results. Just after their first treatment, people notice that their skin appears;

  • Brighter 
  • Fresher
  • Much clearer with unclogged pores
  • More even-toned with reduced wrinkles, fine lines, roughness

DiamondGlow Before & After

The DiamondGlow™ is the perfect skin pampering treatment that you need before a big and important event. We recommend getting the treatment right before weddings, shows, or other important events so that your skin looks gorgeous on the big day! 

It also makes a great gift since it's suitable for all skin types and is perfectly safe for pregnant and nursing mothers!

Is DiamondGlow™ part of the Allē Rewards Program?

YES! Because DiamondGlow™ is owned by Allergan, the creator of Botox Cosmetic®, you earn points with each treatment you receive that can later be used towards your next Allergan purchase. (SkinMedica® skincare, Kybella™, Juvéderm, etc.)

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