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Medical Director


Owner | RN & Cosmetic Injector


I was born in Richmond, Va. and lived in Georgia and Hawaii before my family made its return to the Commonwealth.   I grew up in Alexandria, Va. and earned by undergraduate degree in English (I started out as a nursing major) from George Mason University in 2000. In 2006, I completed my M.Ed. at the University of Virginia a taught special education for 6 years before I took the leap into medical esthetics.

I opened Rejuvalase Medspa in 2007 shortly followed by our medical esthetics school, Nova Laser and Esthetics Training. While owning both businesses, I also worked them as a laser technician at the medspa and an IPL/Laser instructor at the school.

Though my businesses were running successfully and I now had 3 children, there was always this gnawing sense of unfinished business with nursing school. So, in 2020, I went back to school and earned my ADN and RN license.  


Manager & CCMA


I was born and raised in a small town in Idaho. My journey has been a blend of beauty and healthcare. I grew up in the world of beauty, where I developed a keen appreciation for aesthetics and self-care, but also have hospital, clinical, and LTC (Long-term care) experience.

At the age of 18, I started my career in healthcare as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), a role that allowed me to make a meaningful impact in people's lives. Over the years, I've evolved professionally becoming a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA). My passion for healthcare continues to drive me as I pursue my dream of becoming a Registered Nurse (RN), expanding my capacity to care for others. During my educational career I have enrolled in three cadaver courses to expand my base knowledge on the human body inside and out.

For the past decade, I've specialized in cosmetic lasers, microneedling treatments, and tattoo removal. It's been an incredibly rewarding journey, as I've had the privilege of helping individuals feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin.

I'm excited about the future and the opportunity to offer even more transformative services in the field of healthcare and beauty. Helping others find their inner and outer beauty is my true calling.

Fun Fact: I detest the taste and smell of strawberries…including our best selling strawberry HA serums and scrubs.



Assistant Manager & Cosmetic Injector


I’m a Virginia native and grew up in the Fredericksburg area where I married my highschool sweetheart. We lived overseas while he was in the Army and after returning home, I enrolled in EVCC’s ASN program. In 2021, I earned my ASN and my license as a Registered Nurse. Shortly thereafter, I began working in the Emergency Department before transferring a year later to the Pediatric ICU.  

While I loved so many things about both of these positions, I absolutely adore aesthetics! I have always wanted to make my way into this field of nursing/medicine. When the opportunity at Rejuvalase opened, I knew I needed to take it. It is truly such a beautiful opportunity to help people heal parts of themselves.

Fun fact:  I'm a triplet!


CNP & Cosmetic Injector


In 2009, I became a registered nurse; earning my BSN from VCU. I began working in the ICU at INOVA and in 2019, I went back to VCU, earning my NP-C degree and license.  

In 2024, I enrolled in ODU’s doctorate program which I’ll complete in 2 years.

I love being an ICU provider and stumbled across esthetics when a co-worker of mine told me about her work as an esthetics nurse. I’ve always loved esthetics for myself and until then, hadn’t considered being a provider. I attended the injection training at Nova Laser and Esthetics and began a part time injector position at Rejuvalase. Though the ICU is my home, I’m happy that my calling as a nurse has afforded me the opportunity to dip my toe into another field of nursing and to help clients reach their beauti-full potential.

Fun fact:  I was pulled over by cop while riding a motorcycle (twice..same cop) bc he said I was going too slow and told me I literally needed to spee


RN & Cosmetic Injector


I’m a boy mom and outside of work, you can usually find me sitting courtside or sideline, watching my kids in their element. I became a registered nurse years ago after spending years in customer service and management. I’ve worked in the PACU and the Emergency Department in area hospitals since graduating. While I love what I do at the hospital, I truly have a passion for medical esthetics; there is something so fun and positive about being in this field.

Fun fact: I love country concerts


Certified Massage Therapist


Certified Massage Therapist & Esthetician


I grew up in Japan where I had a career as a registered nurse for 14 years before marrying my husband and moving to the US.

After having our two sons, I returned to work but did so by completing my education and licensing as a massage therapist. Since first becoming licensed in Virginia in 2004, I’ve gone on to receive my certification nationally as well. In 2023, I completed my esthetics training and earned my license as an esthetician. I can now provide facials and massages for my clients in one appointment.

Fun fact: Im a clean eating enthusiast; my teammates are grossed out by a lot of the food I bring in.


Supervising SC & Esthetician


I'm a licensed esthetician and received my education through Nova Laser and Esthetics training in 2022. In 2023, I earned my certification as a laser technician through AML. In 2024, I plan to return to NVLET to earn my Master Esthetics education and licensure.

After completing my program at NVLET, I began working as a customer service advocate and spa coordinator at Rejuvalase.  

I got into this field because I struggled with acne through my teenage years and it made me want to help people who struggled with the same thing.

Fun fact: I like to game


Spa Coordinator


Master Esthetician


After years of helping and serving others in various customer service roles, Katie explored esthetics and decided tonoursue it as her career.  
Katie received her fundamental and master esthetics diplomas from Northern Virginia Laser and Esthetics Training and joined Rejuvalase in 2024.   Sine then, she furthered her education through in person trainings with DiamondGlow, Dermaplane Pro, Vitality Institute, and Viora.
Katie says, “working at Rejuvalase has been the most amazing experience. I’ve gotten to continue my education and training while having the opportunity to provide services to a diverse and loyal clientele. I love the Rejuva-ladies and I’ve felt welcomed and part of the team since day 1.”
Fun facts: Her favorite services are Dermaplane and DiamondGlow because they leave the skin exfoliated, hydrated, revitalized, and glowing.
Katie lives in Fredericksburg with her fiancé, dogs Lucy and Gus, her cat, Crusty,
and a large population of houseplants and vinyl records.


Spa Coordinator


Rin is a Northern Virginia native and before graduating Northern Virginia Laser and Esthetics Training’s esthetics program, she worked as a busy barista at Starbucks. Mastering the infinite list of drinks and their ingredients as well as working with people, lead Rin to look for opportunities that gave were creative freedom while also working with people.  
After graduating NVLET, Rin studied for her boards while working full time at a day spa in Woodbridge. While she enjoyed the clientele and environment there, she’d been waiting for an opportunity to work at Rejuvalase. When a position as spa coordinator opened, she knew this was her chance. Rin loves all that she is learning and the relationships she is building.  
Fun fact: Rin is half Japanese and half Mexican and can speak some of both languages:).




With over 15 years of retail experience, Angelique has held positions of leadership and management at Old Navy and Best Buy. In 2014, she shifted her career to the world of wellness when she began her yoga journey. Earning her Yoga Teacher Certification in 2016 and her Barre Teacher Certification in 2017, Angie was the lead instructor and Studio Manager at Latitude Yoga Co for 4 years. She has since earned certifications in Personal Training, Cycle and Nutrition in 2022. Angie has a deep love for whole body wellness, that also includes skincare and beauty. She is a mother of two and has been married to her husband, John, since 2005. Angie is an avid book reader and has a home library of over 250 titles!


Master Esthetician